Periodic Table of Cupcakes 2014 Edition

Welcome back BCS to another year with your new E-board! We hope everyone’s been getting a good start to the fall semester. As part of BCS tradition, our first event of the year… Continue reading

2014-15 BCS E-Board!

We are pleased to announce the Barnard Chemical Society E–Board for the 2014/15 school year! President: Nadia Asous Vice President: Kelly Terlizzi Secretary: Jessie Karten Treasurer: Alexandria Oviatt Publicity Officer: Elizabeth Dalchand Webmaster: Clarey Hung… Continue reading

Last Event of the Year: Karaoke Study Break

Some BCS members enjoying our end-of-the-year karaoke study break (with matching shirts!):   BCS’s last event of the year: Karaoke Study Break! Thanks for stopping by, even just to grab a slice of… Continue reading


BCS made liquid nitrogen ice cream at the Winterfest held earlier in February. Thank you to everyone who came out and tried the ice cream, especially on a snowy day like that! Liquid nitrogen, whoo~… Continue reading

Karaoke Study Break!

BCS Karaoke Study Break Thursday, 11/21 8-9PM Come take a break from studying for your remaining midterms next week! Join us at our karaoke study break 😀 Feel free to stop by for… Continue reading

Orgo Music Videos

For your further amusement here are some chemistry music videos created by o-chem students at UCLA taking Neil Garg’s Chem 14D class (apparently they call it o-chem on the West Coast not orgo)!… Continue reading

Mole Day + Periodic Table of Cupcakes!

Happy (belated) Mole Day! Thanks for stopping by our table to guess the number of Hershey’s kisses in the flask. Congratulations to Lindsey Walker for guessing the closest number and winning 138 Hershey’s kisses! In addition,… Continue reading


Can you guess what these molecules are? (See below for answers.) Here are some BCS members at the Chemistry Department Open House! In addition to building molecules with first-year students using fruit, marshmallows,… Continue reading

NSOP: Chemistry Department Open House

We hope everyone had an awesome summer! If you are interested and available, then please stop by the Chemistry Department’s open house on Wednesday August 28th from 11:30am-1:30pm. BCS will be welcoming incoming students/prospective majors as… Continue reading