The Board


Rabia Iqbal, President
Biochemistry ’14
Hometown: Brooklyn
Favorite Chem Class: Organic Chemistry II
Favorite Chem Quote:  “Old Chemists never die, they just reach equilibrium.”
I did research in the Rojas Lab at Barnard this summer.

Siobhán MacArdle, Vice President
Biochemistry ’14
Hometown: Berkeley, California
This summer I worked on my thesis, developing an electrochemical miRNA sensor,
in Professor Buzzeo’s lab.
Kelly Terlizzi, Treasurer
Biochemistry ’15
Hometown: New Hyde Park
Favorite Chem Class: General Chemistry I
This summer, I interned at the NYC Police Department Crime Laboratory.
Nadia Asous, Publicity Officer
Chemistry ’16
Hometown: New York City
Favorite Chem Class: Organic Chemistry Lab
This summer, I volunteered to help with a new non-profit organization called
‘Nalani’ which aims to create after school programs in schools in Lesotho, Africa.
I also volunteered at the library near my home and visited family in Ohio.